Water Damage Los Angeles CA

Water Damage Los Angeles CA 818-277-5929When your home suffers significant damage from flooding, it is important to have the area cleaned by a professional as soon as possible. Water that seeps into the walls can eventually cause the growth of bacteria and black mold, a significant danger to anyone in the home who suffers from respiratory illnesses. Our expert cleaning crew here at Carpet Genie can show you how our services can restore your home back to normal as quickly as possible.

The first thing that our technicians at Carpet Genie will do when we arrive at you home is make sure all the water is removed. Once the house is free of water, we will use our industrial fans to dry out the furniture, walls, and the carpeting. This process is extremely important to ensure no bacteria begins to grow in your home.

Water Damage Los Angeles CA 818-277-5929Once the home and all the furnishings are dry, our team will use our secret blend cleaning compounds to scrub the carpeting and furniture to ensure no contaminants are still hiding in those fibers. Our cleaning specialists will scrub the entire carpeting and all of the furniture before bringing in the commercial grade vacuums to begin removing all those particles. The vacuums reach deep down into the fibers of the carpet and furniture and leave the location looking an smelling fresh again.

The key to properly treating a home for water damage is to make certain the work is done quickly and efficiently. Time is definitely working against the homeowner, and our team at Carpet Genie will make sure we arrive as fast as possible. We will work swiftly, yet thoroughly to dry out your home and give you back your home as it was once before.