Pet Odor Los Angeles CA

Pet Odor Los Angeles CA 818-277-5929Nobody likes smelling pet urine in their house. This is one odor that never seems to go away despite your efforts to diminish it. Sometimes it is necessary to call in the professional after you have done all you can to get rid of the musty smell. A professional pet odor cleaning service is your best bet to getting your house smelling like the pleasant place it once was before the cat and dog were adopted.

Carpet Genie is one of the foremost leaders in carpet cleaning in the country. Our proven services have helped hundred of pet owners restore their carpets to their previous glory. In the process, lingering odors are removed once and for all. This is an investment you cannot go without if you want to sell your home. Potential buyers will notice the pungent smell the moment the enter your home, and there is no way it will be sold in that condition.

Even if you are not selling, you need to get rid of the smelly pet odor in your home. Guests are reluctant to come over because they do not want to smell bad. This something to consider if you want to entertain at home!